Settings File Customisation

XLCubed Excel Edition keeps all of its settings in a configuration file stored in the user's Application Data folder. This can be found here:

%appdata%\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed Excel Edition\settings.xml

For a typical Windows installation, this will translate to:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\XLCubed Ltd\XLCubed Excel Edition\settings.xml

In order to customise the file for distribution to other users, you can open the XLCubed add-in in Excel and change any settings that you desire, for example:

  • Grid defaults
  • Connections
  • Favourite Grids
  • XLCubed Web server addresses
  • XLCubed Options

When you close Excel, the file will be updated, and can then be sent to other users, or including in a custom installation script.

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