Small Multiple Charts based on SQL

From v7.5, XLCubed has the ability to create Small Multiple Charts from data in relational databases. To insert a new chart:

  1. Select the XLCubed > Insert > Small Multiples > SQL... ribbon item
  2. Select the data source and query, as described in SQL Data Tables (Administrators)
  3. XLCubed will then insert an empty chart for you, ready for your columns selections

These small multiple charts are identical to the Analysis Services based charts described on the Small Multiple Charts page, except for a few differences:

  • There is no Header area: the charts are always based on the entire data set, and each returned column can be placed anywhere on the chart designer.
  • Any numeric column can be selected for the Y Axis values. When appropriate, this also applies to X Axis and Colour values.
  • To edit the connection, you may click the Select data source toolbar button in the Task Pane: SelectDataSourceIcon.png

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