SparkHorizon Chart Designer


This dialog is used to format any SparkHorizon In-Cell Charts in your report.

For details about how to invoke the dialog, see In-Cell Chart Designer.


Specifies a title to place in the formula cell (for In-Cell Chart formulae), or to use as the member name (when used in Grids)
Positive colours
The colours to use for the positive regions, highest at the bottom
Negative colours
The colours to use for the negative regions, most negative at the bottom
Stretch factor
The horizontal scale factor to use when drawing the chart
Flip negative data
When selected, negative values stretch down from the top rather than from the bottom:
Normal XL3SparkHorizon NegativeNormal.png
Flipped XL3SparkHorizon NegativeFlipped.png

Missing values

Don't plot missing values
Leave a gap where there is a gap in the source data
Plot missing values as zero
Substitute gaps in the source data with zeros
Interpolate missing values
Fill in missing values with statistically appropriate values

Vertical Scale

Automatic common scale
If selected, overrides all the other vertical scale options and chooses one set of scales to suit all the charts controlled by this formula or member


Selects a suitable minimum for each chart individually
Specifies the minimum for all charts


Selects a suitable maximum for each chart individually
Specifies the maximum for all charts

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