SparkLine Chart Designer


This dialog is used to format any SparkLine or SparkArea In-Cell Charts in your report.

For details about how to invoke the dialog, see In-Cell Chart Designer.

Chart Options


Specifies a title to place in the formula cell (for In-Cell Chart formulae), or to use as the member name (when used in Grids)
Line type
Uses the desired rendering style for the data points
Line only Renders only the line, without data points (except for highlighted points - see below)
Points only Renders only the points, without the joining line
Line with points Renders both the line and the data points
Line colour
The colour to use for the line
Point colour
The default colour to use for the data points
Negative point colour
The default colour to use for negative data points
Stretch factor
The horizontal scale factor to use when drawing the chart

Point highlighting

Minimum value colour
The colour to highlight the lowest point
Maximum value colour
The colour to highlight the highest point
Start value colour
The colour to highlight the first point
End value colour
The colour to highlight the last point

Missing values

Don't plot missing values
Leave a gap where there is a gap in the source data
Plot missing values as zero
Substitute gaps in the source data with zeros
Interpolate missing values
Fill in missing values with statistically appropriate values

Axis Options

Vertical Scale

Automatic common scale
If selected, overrides all the other vertical scale options and chooses one set of scales to suit all the charts controlled by this formula or member


Selects a suitable minimum for each chart individually
Specifies the minimum for all charts


Selects a suitable maximum for each chart individually
Specifies the maximum for all charts


No period colour
Disables alternate background shading
Period colour
Enables alternate background shading, allowing you to specify the alternate colour and the length of the period

Background Options

No background
Renders the chart as just lines and points (as previously specified), without additional background
Fill area
Renders the chart as an area chart, with the area below the line filled in the specified colour
Normal band
Renders a band on the chart, within which normal points are expected to fall
Normal band colour
The colour for the normal band
Standard deviations
Specifies that the normal band should be calculated as plus or minus the specified number of standard deviations from the mean
Allows selection of custom value or values for the minimum and maximum normal values
Banded fill
An extension of the normal band. See Bandline Chart Designer for more details

Reference Line Options

No reference line
Disables the reference line
Reference line
Renders a reference line on each chart, and allows you to specify further options
Reference line colour
The colour for the reference line
Automatic average
Specifies that the reference line should be calculated as the mean of all the points in the chart
Custom value
Allows selection of a custom value or values for the reference line data points

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