Managing cube structure changes

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New in Version 7.5. When moving a report to a new server or cube there can be times when the structure of the cube has changed (dimension names changed, members deleted etc.)


When editing the connection it is possible to check the "Manage structure changes on edit", to pick up all the invalid items and map them to the new structure. Please note this is for members reference in grids and slicers only, not Excel formula


Invalid Dimensions and Levels

If there are invalid dimensions or levels there will be separate tabs shown for each. Use the drop-down to map the dimension to the required dimension. If there is no valid dimension to map it to, then leave the selection empty and any references to the dimension will be removed from the report (no grids or slicers will be removed, so any slicers using that dimension will need to be removed manually)

After a dimension has been mapped, click Apply - all the levels and members will then be tested and invalid items displayed in the relevant tab.


Invalid Members

A list of all the invalid members found in the report will be displayed, this doesn't include members referenced or stored in Excel ranges; they will need to be correct manually (either by re-selecting a slicer, or by editing the cell/formula)

If it is not possible to map a member, then leave it unmapped and any reference to that member will be removed from the grid/slicer


There are 2 ways of working:

  1. Using the member selector
  2. Using a member search

Member Selector

When using the member selector - you can navigate the hierarchy and select the member to use


Member Search

Using the member search will do a search based on the member caption - check the box next to the member to use


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