Workbook Aspects

With Version 9.2 you can allow user customisation of a report - this could be used to set the defaults or provide fast switching between different combinations of slicer selections or to allow customisation of the report structure itself.


Workbook aspects allow different "Aspects" or views of a report to be created. There is also an option that allows users to create their own aspects and pick which to use when a report is first loaded in XLCubedWeb.

They work by storing the values to use for the Web Parameters setup on the workbook.

The feature can be accessed in Excel under: XLCubed -> Web -> Parameters -> Manage Aspects


Update slicer selections

To store different combinations of reports, setup the slicers you want to control to have an Output range:


Create a web parameter for that range:


You can then include that in the aspect:


The end-user can then select a pre-defined aspect or create their own aspect (if that option was enabled):


Customise report structure

You could use aspects combined with XL3ColumnVisible, XL3RowVisible or XL3SetProperty to set some default report structure and allow users to store the current setup as a new aspect.

Just setup a Web Parameter, use that cell in the logic as to which parts of the reports to display or use. Use Xl3Link to allow users to interactively update that value, with the Aspects enabled they can then "store" that settings as an aspect.