Workbook Explorer

The Workbook Explorer allows you to browse and delete XLCubed objects present in the current workbook. It can be found by selecting the XLCubed > More > Workbook Objects... ribbon item.

Workbook Explorer.png

There are a few parts of the Workbook Explorer:

  • A tree, showing the components of the workbook. This includes the various worksheets (Dashboard, Variance Analysis and so on in the example above) then the Grids, Slicers, etc. that can be found on each worksheet. If an object has been given a specific name, then it will be listed here. If not, then the location of that object is listed instead.
  • When certain objects are selected in the tree, relevant information is displayed:
    The cell reference of the object in the worksheet, or its top-left cell
    When applicable, the connection that is used by the object
    When applicable, the query that is run to retrieve data for the object
    Deletes the object
    Browse the object in the worksheet