Returns the member uniquename for the specified grid cell. This can be useful for when you want to get the unique name of a particular member from a grid for passing as an XL3Link parameter or to use in other formulae (VLOOKUP, XL3Lookup etc.) - avoiding any issues with duplicate/translated captions etc.


XL3GridMember( )


The parameters can take one of two forms:

Parameter Description
Grid cell location Shows member uniquename for grid cell


Parameter Description
Grid name Name of the grid to get the member for
Axis 1 for Columns, 2 for Rows
Dimension Hierarchy on the axis to look at, 1-based.
Member Index Member index to look at, 1-based.


Form 1

Used in conjunction with XL3Link, the following formula copies the unique name from the row when the report user clicks on "..." into the cell $A$14:



Form 2

The second structure provides a more dynamic way to address the members that appear on the grid, for example:

Return the first member from the first hierarchy on columns:

   =XL3GridMember("My Grid",1,1,1)

In the above example this is: [Geography].[Geography].[All Geographies]

Return the nth member from the first hierarchy on rows:

   =XL3GridMember("My Grid",2,1,nth)

You would only need to consider the hierarchy number if the Axis has cross-joined hierarchies.


An individual cell can only include one reference to an XL3GridMember(Address), from V9.1.47 you can use XL3Address for more then one reference:

   =XL3GridMember(XL3Address(C13)) & " - "  & XL3GridMember(XL3Address(D13))

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