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    Returns a value for a given measure for a specific filter.


    XL3LookupTabular( Connection, Measure, [Column1], [Value1],…, [Column14], [Value14] )


    Parameter Description
    Connection Connection number to use
    Measure Measure to calculate
    Column1,…, ColumnN Name of the hierarchy that the following value applies to e.g. "Date[Year]" or "'Customer Geography'[City]"
    Value1,…, ValueN Value for the preceding column. Can be text, numeric, date or boolean.


    Revenue 2004.

    =XL3LookupTabular( 1, "Revenue", "'Date'[Year]", 2004 )

    Revenue 2004, USA.

    =XL3LookupTabular( 1, "Revenue", "'Date'[Year]", 2004, "'Geography'[Country]", "USA" )

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