Returns a name or caption for a member or members. Multiple members can be specified (as separate parameters) to allow a multi-member set to be used.

Use the Insert Formula > Members menu or ribbon item to insert the formula using a wizard. See here for details.


XL3Member( Connection, Hierarchy, Member1, [Member2],…,[MemberN] )


Parameter Description
Connection Connection number to use
Hierarchy Name of the hierarchy that the member applies to e.g. "Measures" or "[Customer].[Customer Geography]"
Member1,…, MemberN Members to use

Examples (based on the Bicycle Sales cube)

Member name 'W6000/185'

=XL3Member( 1, "Product", "[Product].&[W6000/185]" )

Multiple Members

You can specify multiple members for an XL3Member formula by using additional parameters.

When referred to by an XL3Lookup formula, it returns the sum of Allround and Mountain Bikes.

=XL3Member( 1, "Product", "[Product].&[Allround]", "[Product].&[Mountain]" )

XL3Member using MDX

You can specify an MDX calculation for members using the MDX: syntax. These cells can then be referenced by XL3Lookup formulae to use the created calculated members.

The last month in 2005.

=XL3Member( 1, "[Time]", "MDX:[Time].[All].[2005].LastChild" )

Using XL3Member in other Formulae

To allow other formulae to use multiple members for a single hierarchy, it is necessary to use XL3Member to create a calculated member. You can reference the XL3Member directly in the other formula, or reference the cell that the XL3Member is in.

Using XL3Member in-line to perform a multiple member XL3Lookup: the sum of Allround and Road

=XL3Lookup( 1, "[Product]", XL3Member( 1, "[Product]", "[Product].[All].&[Allround]", "[Product].[All].&[Road]" ) )

Sharing an XL3Member between multiple lookups: the members between Q2 2003 and Q1 2004 (inclusive)

  • In A1:
    =XL3Member( 1, "[Time]", "MDX:[Time].[All].&[2003].&[Q2]:[Time].[All].&[2004].&[Q1]" )
  • In A4 (returns the value of the sum):
    =XL3Lookup( 1, "[Time]", A1 )
  • In A5 (returns a chart of products, for that timespan):
    =XL3SparkColumnsM( XL3DataSeriesLookup( 1, XL3MemberSet( 1, "[Product]", "[Product].[All]", "Children" ), "[Measures].[Value]", "[Time]", A1 ) )

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