Refreshes objects connected to a connection - new in Version 9.

This allows you to refresh objects on demand.

This function is for use with the XL3Link function, which can be used to switch the refresh on.


XL3RefreshConnections( RunRefresh, ConnectionID1, [ConnectionID2],…, [ConnectionID16] )


Parameter Description
RunRefresh Should the refresh fire. This should be a reference to another cell that contains TRUE or FALSE. Once the refresh fires that cell will be reset to FALSE. Use XL3Link to set the cell to true, causing a refresh.
ConnectionID1,…,ConnectionID16 Number. Connection to refresh.


This example assumes you are using cell $A$1 to hold the RunRefresh variable. We will refresh just Connection 1.

First, create the XL3RefreshConnections, as follows:

=XL3RefreshConnections($A$1, 1)

Next set up the link to fire the refresh, as follows:

=XL3Link(XL3Address($A$1),"Refresh All",,XL3Address($A$1),TRUE)

Now clicking the hyperlink will refresh all grids/small multiples/etc connected to connection 1 in the workbook.

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