In XLCubed Web Edition, returns the text for the specified resource from a .resx file for the current culture.


XL3ResourceLookup( ClassKey, ResourceKey )


Parameter Description
ClassKey The name of the resource file
ResourceKey The key of the desired resource

Installing the Resource File

After creating your .resx resource files, place them in a folder called App_GlobalResources in the XLCubed Web installation folder. For example:


The default resources should be stored in a file with just the class key, and language specific versions with the language ID added, for example:
MyLanguageResources.resx - the default resource file
MyLanguageResources.fr.resx - the French language file
MyLanguageResources.de.resx - the German language file

These could then be accessed by using:
=XL3ResourceLookup("MyLanguageResources", "PhraseName")

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