Creates a win/loss chart that is rendered in an Excel cell.

Double-clicking the chart, or selecting the XLCubed > Format In-Cell Chart... right-click menu item allow the editing of the chart format using the SparkWinLose Chart Designer.


XL3SparkWinLose( Data, Output, InRows, [WinColour], [LossColour], [DrawColour], [Label] )


Parameter Description
Data The data to chart. This can be a range or a formula
Output The target range in which to render the chart(s)
InRows Specifies whether the input data are in rows or columns:
0 Data are in rows
1 Data are in columns
WinColour The colour to use for win columns
LossColour The colour to use for loss columns
DrawColour The colour to use for draw columns
Label Specifies the text to use in the formula cell

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