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  • XL3TableArrayLookup

    Returns the result of a SQL query as an array. This is a CSE/Array formula so must be entered into a range at once using Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

    This is the fastest way to return database results into Excel, but limits your options for altering the query.


    XL3TableArrayLookup( Connection, Sql, [HeaderHandling] )


    Parameter Description
    Connection Connection number to use
    Sql The query to run. Typically from a cell so that the query can be updated.
    HeaderHandling Optional, how to output headers
    0/Missing Headers not displayed
    1 Headers displayed


    Here we have our SQL statement in cell A1. We select the range we want to output the results to, and type

    Then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


    Note that any cells outside of the data area return #N/A. The date column has also been formatted.

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