XLCubed Options/Version 8.0

XLCubed Options

These are the XLCubed installation level defaults which are applied to any new workbooks opened during the Excel session.

User Interaction

  • Language: selects XLCubed's interface language
  • Case sensitivity: selects whether searches should be case sensitive, case insensitive, or should use the cube default
  • Show right-click menu option at top(restart Excel to apply: the XLCubed right click menu option is by default at the bottom
  • Use task pane for new grids: automatically opens Task Pane when new grid is created
  • Automatically apply changes in Task Pane: changes are made instantaneously
  • Automatically select Children of first member: the children of the first member are applied as a member selection when a hierarchy is selected (e.g. for a Slicer)
  • Don't show Small Multiples warning: controls whether XLCubed warns when it restricts the number of charts it shows in a Small Multiple chart
  • Display Conversion Options: shows the Convert from V5 options in the XLCubed ribbon
  • Use default credentials for web proxy: apply Windows' standard proxy settings when connecting to web services
  • Unicode Compatibility (Excel 2003): this is required for Unicode support in Excel 2003 and earlier. Note should it only be set in Excel 2003 / XP if Unicode member names exist
  • Use enhanced worksheet objects: recommended setting for Slicers, etc.
  • Disable draggable grid labels: force all dimension labels on Grids to be hidden

Data Options

  • Sort hierarchies alphabetically: rather than the cube-defined order
  • Sort measures alphabetically: rather than the cube-defined order
  • Show dimensions in folders: display folders shown at a level above the dimension rather than beneath the dimension
  • Show measures groups: where applicable, show Measures in their Measure Groups as defined in the cube
  • Default at level view in member tree: sets the default view of hierarchies to be level based, rather than member based
  • Default at level view in measure tree: sets the default view of the measures hierarchy to be level based, rather than member based
  • Show named sets in hierarchy editor: adds named sets defined in the cube or in the workbook in the hierarchy editor alongside normal members
  • Show slicers in hierarchy editor:
  • Use single members on filters: implements 'select and replace' on hierarchies in the filter area of grids (selecting a member replaces any existing selected member)
  • Display Dimension Name with Hierarchy Name: prefixes the hierarchy name with the dimension name
  • Disable Tabular columns in Designer: sets whether XLCubed automatically attempts to disable unrelated columns for the tabular report designer
  • Limit number of members returned in tree to: limits to specified value in user interface. See Expanding Large Hierarchies for details
  • Formulae move With Members to Where clause: controls the MDX generated for formula reports
  • Formulae maximum Tuple count: controls the MDX generated for formula reports
  • Limit for quick search: limits the number of members to search for to the value specified in the user interface
  • Query cancel timeout: time before long queries are cancelled (in seconds)

Web Publication

  • Default Web Address: the default web address for publishing
  • Maximum number of columns allowed: the maximum number of columns allowed per page
  • Maximum number of rows allowed: the maximum number of rows allowed per page
  • Web service send timeout (minutes): the send timeout for the publication web service
  • Log Publication Process: in the event of a problem, logs additional detail
  • Web server history: List of recent Web servers that have been connected to

Workbook Defaults

Controls the defaults for new workbooks.

  • Format File: the default FormatSheet location
  • Hide format sheet: sets whether the format worksheet is hidden when created in new workbooks
  • Default grid title: the default title of the grid
  • Available Actions - Ignore multiple filter members: if multiple members are selected on filters, these are ignored when determining which Actions to display
  • Replace null values: replaces null values with the contents of the Replace null values with text field
  • Remove nulls when drilling: if there are any null rows/columns when drilling down on a member, they will be removed so that there are no fully empty rows/columns in the report.
  • Remove 0 values when drilling: if there are any rows/columns when drilling down on a member that only contain zeros, they will be removed so that there are no zero rows/columns in the report.
  • Resize Columns after drilling: this allows a column to resize itself when drilled
  • Indent drilled members: when the user drills down on a member, they will be displayed indented
  • Lighten background colour on drill: when the user drills on a member a slightly lighter version of its background colour will be used for the new members