XLCubed Standard and Enterprise Editions

XLCubed is available in two editions, Standard and Enterprise with the latter providing extra functionality for both Excel and the Web.

With Enterprise Edition the user gets access to:

  • Maps
  • Scheduling
  • SharePoint Integration
  • iPad app/Mobile app access
  • SQL Repository and Cube Comments


XLCubed Maps are an optional extension which allow plotting geographic data directly in Excel and publishing to the XLCubed Web server.

You can plot the data locations, and optionally set the colour and size of the plotted points to show values.


For more information go to Maps


XLCubed Web Edition can be used to deliver reports to users automatically.

Using a schedule you can define which reports go to which users, and can optionally parameterise the results.

Scheduling is available for both the file-based repository and the SQL Repository.

For more information go to Scheduling


XLCubed have developed an option for tighter integration with SharePoint, allowing SharePoint to act as a repository for XLCubedWeb reports, so publication and report navigation is contained within SharePoint.

For more information go to SharePoint Integration

iPad app/Mobile app access

Once reports are published to XLCubed Web, they can be accessed on any device with a compatible browser, including smartphones and tablets.

For more information go to Mobile app access

SQL Repository

From Version 8, Web Edition can store its repository of published files in a database rather than on the server's file system. This method allows for finer grain control of various aspects of repository access, as well as a richer interface:

  • new Excel-based dialogs for controlling permissions and access to reports and folders
  • full version history of published items, as well as locking the live version
  • logging of report accesses, including rendering times for usage and performance monitoring
  • Operational reporting - report usage, user activity etc.

For more information go to SQL Repository

Cube Comments

Cube text commentary was introduced in Version 8.1. It allows users to enter text commentary against data slices. It relies on Web Edition running under the SQL Repository.

For more information go to Cube Comments