Adding Round Corners to Excel

Version 7.1 introduces the ability to easily create rounded corners.

Adding Round Corners


Highlight the required area:


Go to Extras -> Add/Edit Round Corners:


The Colours and Border thickness will be picked up from the selected cells. Select the corners to be made round (in this case the Top Left and Top Right corners):


Click OK to apply the borders


Editing Existing Corners

If the cell has manually created corners then they will need to be deleted before adding new corners using XLCubed, if the corners were created by XLCubed then you can just highlight the cell or range and Go to Extras -> Add/Edit Round Corners. The changes will be applied to the existing corners (or the corners can be removed by unselecting them)

Resizing Columns/Rows

If the Column or Row is re-sized then the corners may now be in the wrong place, to fix this go to Extras -> Add/Edit Round Corners and then click OK. Any existing round corners will be moved to the correct location.