As of Version 8 of XLCubed you can create aliases for members. These will override the caption of a member for a connection whenever it is returned.


Member aliases can be set up per member or based on a member property.

The easiest way to create a specific alias is to open the XLCubed > Options > Workbook Options screen and turn on Overtyping a Grid creates an Alias . Now you can simply type on a grid to create the aliases you want.

To create a member property alias, go to XLCubed > Manage > More > Manage Aliases.... From here you can pick a hierarchy level and the property to use as the caption. (N.B. As these properties must now be returned from the cube you may need to turn off member properties in the Grid properties screen. Set Member property display style to "Member".)


Dimensions and Hierarchies can also be given aliases. In the Manage Aliases screen enter the object unique names and the required alias. Unique names will contain brackets and be of the form [Dimension] or [Dimension].[Hierarchy].

You do not need to fill in the original caption.


Aliases apply to an individual connection in the workbook. If you need to see the alias in one part of the report, and the original caption in another then you can create two connections to the same cube. Linking these parts together can be done by driving them from a range using the member's unique name.