Dynamic chart formatting pane

As of Version 10, the Dynamic charting can be formatted from a task pane. The Formatting Pane is toggled from the Dynamic Chart Ribbon, which is visible once a Dynamic Chart is inserted and selected. The basic Dynamic charts (Column, Line, Bar, Area, Dot, Scatter, Pie, Marimekko and Maps) can be formatted as following:

Dynamic Chart Formatting Pane (Basic Charts)

For the new Message Chart types there are additional sets of properties. If the chart has more than one series then the properties can be set at the series level.

Dynamic Chart Formatting Pane (Message Charts)

Charts with Variance Series

The chart types with a calculated Variance series (Absolute Variance, Relative Variance (%), Integrated Variance and Indicator Comparison) have preconfigured Styles (which depend on the selected chart type) that can be adjusted via the Formatting Pane. A button has been provided to switch the Positive and Negative formatting types which may be required depending on the business requirements.

When the Switch style button is pushed all style settings corresponding to the Positive Style will be transfered to the Negative style and the Dynamic Chart will automatically update.

Positive and Negative Styles switched

Custom Properties

Integrated Variance Chart

The Integrated Variance Chart contains a section of Custom Properties.

Custom area

This Integrated Variance can be formatted in the following way.

DynamicChart MessageTypes Custom Properties.png

The Bar Alignment setting sets the position of the overlying series (in this case it is the Positive series). The Bar Width is set to 50% of the overall width. The Bar Arrow Length sets the size of the arrow point. A Bar Arrow length of 100 would represent the whole bar being a triangle.

Waterfall Chart

The Custom properties associated with the Waterfall chart types are related to the calculated totals.


The text for each of the totals can be defined using the textbox. If none is provided then a default text is provided for each.