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    Version 7.5 added support for Picture Links. These are pictures that can be inserted into a workbook that provide the same functionality as the XL3Link formula.


    To insert a picture link, go to Insert Formula -> XL3PictureLink.


    Picture file to insert

    Select the image to display in the picture link

    Link To

    Select the destination cell for where the user will be taken when the image is clicked on (this can be the same sheet if the picture link is controlling something on this sheet or a different sheet to allow report navigation)

    Perform a "Submit Changes" on Web

    With this enabled and the report has been published any writable cells or "Delayed Slicers" will be submitted when the picture is clicked on, it acts the same as the "Submit" toolbar button on the web

    Hyperlinks to update

    You can provide a list of cells to update with either a value or the contents of another cell. This can be used to drive a selection or copy ranges of values between worksheets or cells on the same sheet.


    To edit an existing Picture Link, hold the "Shift" key when clicking and the standard Picture Link form will be displayed

    Using Camera Objects

    To use a camera object as the source for an image, first insert the Picture Link selecting a temporary picture. Then right-click on the picture to highlight it and then type the source range for the image in the formula bar, i.e. Sheet2!a1:f10 would change the picture link to show the contents of the range, it can then resized and re-positioned as required.

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