Refresh Grids and Formulae

Grid Properties determine whether or not a grid will be automatically refreshed when the workbook is opened or when its driving cells or slicer(s) changes.


All Grids can be refreshed at any time by using the Refresh All option under Grids & Tables on the Refresh Menu. From here you it is also possible to refresh individual grids and tables.


Grids can also be refresh by using the right click XLCubed Menu -> Refresh Grid option, or pressing Ctrl + Shift + R while the active cell is in the grid.


Formulae can be refreshed by using the Refresh Formulae on the Refresh ribbon menu or by using standard Excel keys (F9 / Ctrl/Alt/Shift/F9 etc)

Using Formulae to Trigger a Refresh

There are a few XLCubed formula which can be used to refresh objects in a workbook:

Each requires a 'RunRefresh' parameter i.e. a reference to a cell containing TRUE or FALSE to determine if the refresh should run. This cell could be populated by clicking an XL3Link. For example,

=XL3Link(, "Refresh", 1, XL3Address( A2 ), TRUE )

If a grid should be refreshed after a selection is made in an independent slicer, the slicer can be set to activate this XL3Link.

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