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    Behaviour Options


    Resize columns/rows after refresh
    Automatically adjust the columns and rows to fit the data.
    Insert/delete columns/rows when Grid size changes
    Determines the behaviour when members are added or removed.
    No Shift XLCubed overwrites neighbouring cells.
    Shift Range XLCubed inserts the required number of cells only. E.g. when a grid becomes taller cells will only be inserted across the width of the data.
    Shift Entire XLCubed inserts and deletes entire columns or rows to accommodate the new data.
    Example of the shift behaviours
    Fill formulae next to Grid
    Detect and fill down/across any formulae directly adjacent to the Grid as members are added or removed.


    Remove empty columns/rows
    Exclude columns/rows with no values from the result set.
    Enable Visual Totals
    New in Version 7.6 - see Visual Totals for more information
    Incude Headers in sets
    Header selections are written into tuples when the MDX is generated. Turning this off means that context from the rows/columns selections will not be overwritten by the headers.
    Replace 0 with Null
    Allows zeros to be removed from reports using the Exclude Empty options
    Feed hierarchy member results
    Use the MDX function Generate to allow dynamic ranking and filtering (note: this option can be slower). For example: if Country and Product are on Rows, with this option enabled a grid with ranking on both hierarchies will show the Top 10 Countries and within each of those countries the Top 10 Products. With this disabled you would get the Top 10 Countries and the Top 10 Products, calculated separately.
    Use NonEmpty on crossjoins
    Use the NonEmpty MDX function when joining hierarchies
    Exclude calculated members
    By default XLCubed will show calculated members when drilling members to display their children. This option means those calculations are no longer shown.
    Where clause style
    When aggregating in a header hierarchy, XLCubed can generate MDX that:
    With members extracts each aggregate into a With Member
    Sets leaves the aggregates in-lined as a set
    Subselect uses an in-line subselect statement for the aggregates, gives visual totals (Totals are for selected members only).

    The first two options should give the same results, but performance can vary depending on your cube.

    Drill Mode
    Changes which members are shown when members are drilled
    Standard Drilled members are expanded in all positions.
    Drill and Replace Drilled members and their children are shown. Drill the parent member to drill back up.
    Asymmetric Drilled members are expanded only in the location drilled. This applies if you have more than one dimension on rows, when the members can be repeated. This feature was introduced in version 7.2.

    For further information go to: Drill Modes


    Display error on invalid members
    Displays a warning if invalid selections are found on any hierarchy.
    Refresh Grid on open
    Causes the Grid to update itself when the workbook is opened.
    Refresh when driving cells change
    If the Grid is driven from any Excel ranges, then causes the Grid to update itself whenever any of these changes.

    Appearance Options


    The title of the Grid, displayed in dialogs and menus whenever the Grid is referred to.
    The following placeholders can also be used to display information regarding the cube connection:
    • {server}
    • {database}
    • {cube}
    • {lastupdate}
    Display Grid title
    Display the Grid title in the worksheet.
    Replace nulls with
    Instead of an empty cell, XLCubed inserts the desired value.


    Apply formatting
    Override formats on the Grid, or let you manage them manually.
    Format Grid without borders
    Exclude borders from the formatting applied to the Grid.
    Apply Cube formatting
    Retrieve and apply formats that are defined in the cube.
    Merge repeating cells
    When crossjoining, merge the repeated cells for the outer hierarchies:
    With merged repeating cells
    With merged repeating cells
    With separate repeating cells
    With separate repeating cells
    Show member properties in separate columns
    If any member properties are selected, display each in its own column, or in the same cell as the member caption:
    MemberPropertyDisplay(PropColumn).png Show member properties in separate columns
    MemberPropertyDisplay(PropMem).png Property - Member
    MemberPropertyDisplay(MemProp).png Member - Property
    MemberPropertyDisplay(PropOnly).png Property
    Group member properties with the same name
    Any member properties with the same caption in the cube will be merged together into one column
    Show Comments
    Report users can view and enter comments


    Show drill indicator
    If a member is drillable, a symbol is displayed before the member's caption:
    + Member can be drilled down.
    - Member can be drilled up.
    Member cannot be drilled
    Indent members when drilling
    The indentation of the members in a Grid reflects what level they are on. The size of indentation can also be adjusted.

    Grid Elements

    In this section you can choose not to display sections of the grid. This allow you to place grids in specific places without needing to hide rows/columns which is useful if they move when drilled.

    Standard view.
    All areas except "Row Members" hidden on the second grid.

    This feature was introduced in version 7.2.

    Hide header hierarchies
    Show only the row and column hierarchies and members. The header hierarchies can still be seen in the Edit Grid dialog.
    Hide draggable hierarchy labels
    Prevent the hierarchy labels being rendered. This option speeds up Grid updates.
    Hide hierarchy label warning icon
    Prevent display of a warning icon when advanced selections are active on a hierarchy.
    Hide Column Labels
    Hide labels for any hierarchies displayed on the columns axis
    Hide Row Labels
    Hide labels for any hierarchies displayed on the rows axis
    Hide Column Members
    Hide members for any hierarchies displayed on the columns axis
    Hide Row Members
    Hide members for any hierarchies displayed on the rows axis

    Interaction Options

    Track grid's active cell

    The current cell in the Grid can be used as input for other Grids and formulae. See Active Cell Grid Selections for more information.

    Named Ranges

    XLCubed can create named ranges based on Grid elements that can then be used by other Excel objects, such as formulae and charts. See Named Grid Ranges for more information.

    Lockdown Options

    Password protect Grid properties
    Before showing the Grid Properties dialog, a password is required.
    Apply restrictions in Excel
    Enforce the following permissions in Excel. If off, the restrictions are only applied when published to XLCubed Web Edition.


    Show Grid menus
    Show the right-click Grid menu. Note: The Grid properties dialog is always available unless specifically excluded below.
    Allow hierarchy navigation
    Show the Hierarchy Editor for any hierarchy.
    Can change filter/column/row members
    Show the Hierarchy Editor for the hierarchies on the given axis.
    Can drill columns/rows
    Allow drilling on members in the given axis.
    Set All to No
    Disallows all the above permissions.

    Hiding Menu Items

    These options allow you to hide specific operations from the Grid's right-click menu.

    Writeback Options

    See Writeback for more detail about writeback in XLCubed.

    MDX Options

    Set the connection for the Grid
    Auto-generate MDX (default)
    XLCubed controls the MDX for the Grid, given the selected options, hierarchies and members.
    Manual MDX
    You may type your own MDX in the edit field. Using XL3Parm( Address ) allows you to substitute parts of the MDX with cells on the worksheet.
    Get MDX from Excel range
    The entire MDX statement for the Grid is taken from a cell on the worksheet.

    Default Grid Options

    The defaults for new Grids can be set by using the Save as Defaults button. To set a Grid back to the saved defaults, use the Load from Defaults button.

    Performance Tips for Large Grids

    Turn Off:

    • Apply formatting
    • Merge repeating cells
    • Resize Columns

    Turn On:

    • Hide draggable hierarchy labels

    After making these changes to all the grids use XLCubed -> Connections -> Refresh connections to clear any remaining hierarchy labels.