Returns a name or caption for a member or members.


XL3MemberLookup( Connection, Hierarchy, Member, [Format] )


Parameter Description
Connection Connection number to use
Hierarchy Name of the hierarchy that the member applies to e.g. "Measures" or "[Customer].[Customer Geography]"
Member Comma-delimited list of members to use for the cross section
Format Defines the format of the caption.
0 Member caption (default)
1 Parent caption
2 Member caption with Ancestors
3 Member unique name

Examples (based on the Bicycle Sales cube)

Member name 'W6000/185'

=XL3MemberLookup( 1, "Product", "[Product].&[W6000/185]" )

Unique member name [Product].&[W6000/185]

=XL3MemberLookup( 1, "Product", "[Product].&[W6000/185]", 3 )

Multiple Members

You can specify multiple members for the Member parameter by separating them with a comma.

When referred to by an XL3Lookup formula, it returns the sum of Allround and Mountain Bikes.

=XL3MemberLookup( 1, "Product", "[Product].&[Allround],[Product].&[Mountain]", 0 )

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