Business Scenario Charts

Business scenario charts are one of the Business Chart types introduced in Version 10. They display two scenarios together in one series, with the Forecast values showing on the categories for which there is no Actual data.



Business scenario charts require a 'Compare by' hierarchy. This will hold the members containing the two scenarios to display. These members can be set directly from the drop down, or driven from an Excel cell.


Actual values will be displayed as solid black columns. When there is no data for the Actuals, Forecast values are displayed instead with a diagonal fill pattern.


This default behaviour can be overridden by specifying the first forecast member in the formatting pane. This is useful if your data contains both actual and forecast data within one member. In this case, you would set that member as both the Actual and Forecast values in the taskpane, and then specify the 'Forecast from' category in the formatting pane. This can be directly entered or driven from an Excel cell.