Level based formatting

Creating Level Formatting

From v6.5, you are able to format grid members depending on their level position in the cube structure.

This can be done through the XLCubed right-click menu or by writing the relevant lines in the format sheet, as shown below:

LevelFormatting2 FormatSheet.PNG

The result in the grid:



Version 7 and later: Enter the level number in the member name area using the syntax, LEVEL:Number, e.g. LEVEL:3.

Version 8 and later: you can specify formats just for leaf members using the syntax LEVEL:LEAF or LEVEL:NOTLEAF.

Version 9 and later: you can specify formats for subtotals using the syntax LEVEL:SUBTOTAL.

Gridfmt lvlsubtotal.PNG

XLCubed V6.5

Level formatting was first introduced in Version 6.5. The correct syntax for this version is as below.

[Dimension].[Hierarchy1]: enter the dimension and hierarchy

[Member1 Name]: rather than a member name, here we need to specify a level name. We must put the asterisk (*) at the end of the level name to ensure that all members at that level are displayed in the desired format. We can check the full level name by selecting a member at that level, and then going to Grid Properties to check the MDX generated. We can also edit the hierarchy that we wish to format to confirm the hierarchy level names.


Parent Child Dimensions

This method doesn't currently support parent child dimensions - as the member unique names don't contain the level name.

If you are using V7 or above you can use the new syntax described above.