Offset Comparison Charts

The offset comparison is a Business Chart type that was introduced in Version 10. It displays two scenarios as overlapping bars/columns, with the primary scenario in front and the comparison scenario behind.


The offset comparison chart requires a 'Compare by' hierarchy in the taskpane. The member set as the base value will appear as the bar/column in front, and the comparison value will appear behind. These members can be set directly from the drop down, or driven from an Excel cell.




Formatting Taskpane

A number of formatting options can be set from the formatting pane. Here you can set the series formatting for both the base and comparison values, as well as:

  • Offset: how much the base and comparison values overlap

Match To

When displaying multiple charts on one page, it is important that the scales across the charts match, so as to maintain visual consistency (though this, of course, does not apply between charts plotting absolute and relative values). This can done with the 'Match to' setting in the chart properties.