Visual Totals


Visual Totals is a new Grid Property in Version 7.6 - once enabled any parent member will show the total for the members selected in the report.

For example:

Without Visual Totals enabled:


The value for "All Geographies" is based on all the members in the cube.


With Visual Totals enabled "All Geographies" is based on the selected members only "Canada", "United Kingdom" and "United States".


The order of the selected members is very important for how the totals are calculated.

For the members to be totaled they must appear in the member selector with the highest member before the lower level members:

The following selections would total the members correctly to give the aggregate of the 3 countries:

VisualTotalCorrectOrder.png VisualTotalCorrectOrderResult.png

This example would display the real total for "All Geographies" as it appears underneath its children:

VisualTotalWrongOrder.png VisualTotalWrongOrderResult.png

So the following example would give the total for France:

VisualTotalFranceOrder.png VisualTotalFranceOrderResult.png

You cannot include the "Parent" or "Ancestor" members twice

If you try to include "All Geographies" twice - it will not work be displayed with visual totals enabled (even if you try using Unions). This is a restriction with Analysis Services

Visual totals are calculated before Sorting and Unions

This means that if you want to display the Visual Total for "All Geographies", you can do this using the "Hierarchize" sort with "Parent after children" selected:





This only works if you just have a single member selection and no ranking,filter or exclusions

Visual totals work only with unsorted ranking and filter

So you could setup to show the top 3 countries and the totals:




Note we use top 4 to include "All Geographies" and then the top 3 countries


But you couldn't then sort this result to show the total at the bottom.