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  • XL3DataSeries

    Returns the set of values from a range of given time members. Often used to provide an OLAP data source for In-Cell Chart formulae.


    XL3DataSeries( Connection, TimeHierarchy, PeriodMember, PeriodCount, Measure, Hierarchy1, Member1,…, Hierarchy100, Member100 )

    Before XLCubed Version 9, this formula was limited to 30 parameters. This allowed up to 12 hierarchy-member pairs.


    Parameter Description
    Connection Connection number to use
    TimeHierarchy Name of the time hierarchy to use
    PeriodMember The time member to use
    PeriodCount The number of periods to return
    Measure The measure to use
    Hierarchy1,…, HierarchyN Name of the hierarchy that the following member applies to e.g. "Measures" or "[Customer].[Customer Geography]"
    Member1,…, MemberN Either a single member unique name or an XL3Member formula

    Examples (based on the Bicycle Sales cube)

    Returns the a set of 12 Revenues for January 2004 to December 2004

    =XL3DataSeries( 1, "Time", "December 2004", 12, "Value", "KeyFigures", "Revenue" )

    Returns a column chart for a set of 12 Revenues for January 2004 to December 2004

    =XL3SparkColumnsM( XL3DataSeries( 1, "Time", "December 2004", 12, "Value", "KeyFigures", "Revenue" ) )

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