Returns a cube cell value for a given cross section of the cube. Allows the formula to be typed on to perform a writeback operation for the given tuple.

Use the Insert Formula > Value menu or ribbon item to insert the formula using a wizard. See here for details.


XL3LookupRW( Connection, [Hierarchy1], [Member1],…, [Hierarchy100], [Member100] )

Before XLCubed Version 9, this formula was limited to 30 parameters. This allowed up to 14 hierarchy-member pairs.


Parameter Description
Connection Connection number to use
Hierarchy1,…, HierarchyN Name of the hierarchy that the following member applies to e.g. "Measures" or "[Customer].[Customer Geography]"
Member1,…, MemberN Either a single member unique name or an XL3Member formula

Examples (based on the Bicycle Sales cube)

Revenue 2004.

=XL3LookupRW( 1, "[Time]", "[Time].[2004]", "[KeyFigures]", "[KeyFigures].[Revenue]" )

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